Information security

Information security is an important part of any business. Every year the number of leaks increases, and as a result, the damage to business grows. Building security processes, implementing optimal solutions and meeting the requirements of international standards can significantly reduce business risks and subsequent damage from hacking and fines.

For whom

1. For small companies.

2. For companies that have grown rapidly and need to build processes.

3. For companies that need services from time to time.


1. Conducting an expert audit and a report with recommendations for elimination.

2. Construction and implementation of processes.

3. Development of documentation, risk analysis, reporting, BCP processes, etc.

4. Preparation for audits of ISO(27***), PCI DSS and GDPR compliance. Support and support at all stages.

5. Assistance in solving unexpected issues and difficult situations.

Work stages

1. You apply to the specified contacts. We set up a convenient time for a call or a meeting.

2. During the meeting, we determine what types of work you need.

3. We sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

4. After that, questionnaires are filled out with basic information about processes, systems and employees.

5. We conclude a contract for the performance of work.

6. Analysis of processes and systems, interviews with employees.

7. An audit is being conducted.

8. A list of inconsistencies and recommendations for their elimination are being prepared.

9. Development of documentation.

10. Implementation of processes.


The cost of work and the timing of their implementation depend on the scope of work, the number of processes and systems.

Benefits of cooperation

1. Savings on payment and indirect costs.

2. Payment only for the required amount of work.

3. Attracting a specialist to solve specific problems.

About me

I have 12 years of specialized experience (banking, processing, IT companies), working with projects in the USA, UK, EU, China and Ukraine. The effectiveness and correctness of the implementation of compliance processes has been repeatedly confirmed by auditors from the USA, UK, EC, China and Ukraine. As auditors of state bodies of these countries, specialized communities, and auditors of the Big Four.

I have a specialized education and I understand well the business processes of companies, as I worked as an auditor and saw the processes from the inside, and also graduated from an MBA. That allows not to reduce the efficiency of the company's processes by introducing safety requirements.

Collaborated successfully



Viktor Davydych
Telegram: @ViktorDavydych




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